What Others Say

I commenced working with Julie at a time when I had left a position with very confused emotions about ever returning to the workforce. I presented Julie as an emotional roller coaster.

The sessions with Julie were both therapeutic and insightful. Therapeutic because she enabled me to identify my values and work ethics, in a calm and encouraging environment, logically working through the issues and encouraging me to think objectively – what values I would look for in a future employer and what type of work environment would allow me to realise my full potential, as well as support the values of the organisation.

Julie supported my efforts to return to the workforce, not just in words, but also in actively assisting me through applications and interview scenarios.

name withheld by request

Julie was a great help to me in establishing priorities in my life, and in helping me feel ‘accountable’ for meeting the goals I’d set for myself. But she also insisted that I be finding ways to enjoy myself–not an easy thing for a work-driven person–and take pleasure in the life I had created for myself in the arts.  I was able to get started on a number of things I’d been putting off, and was able to clarify for myself what aspects of my life were truly important. Julie’s manner is so relaxed, supportive and direct, that is it like having a really good friend to talk to–someone who is never going to beat you up over your ‘stuff’ but who is going to help you see that even something like procrastination has its benefits. At the same time, she didn’t let me off the hook about taking action steps towards what I wanted to do. I think she’s a very gifted coach!

Joan Schirle
Founding Artistic Director
Dell’Arte International

I came to Julie at a time where my psychological supervision was delving into problematic areas of my life. Whilst this was a crucial development in helping me recognise learnt behaviours, the therapy was not working on daily sensible solutions to recurring problems. Julie’s coaching filled this essential gap at an important time for me. The combination of both systems allowed me to regain focus, make some fairly bold and empowering decisions and regain a quality of life I hadn’t had for many years. Psychology assisted with deep behavioural issues, but life coaching took that recognition, turned it around and helped me in day-to-day living, transforming my life and behaviour towards a place I wanted to be. Thank you!

Musician and Academic

Julie is a person who really cares about you! She listens to your problems and places where you have been stuck in your life, and helps you to move from the past, into the future of your dreams. She does this in an intelligent and caring manner, which is uplifting to the spirit. Through Julie’s support and ability to assist me to focus on getting through the hard times (she encouraged me to see the good parts of my life, and showed me the sunshine that already existed; helped me to reconnect with the parts of my life that I had neglected ( such as extreme self-care and life balance); and helped me to re-earth myself literally, to the many simple things that makes us happy – like taking the time to brush your cat – if you have one.

I believe that Life Coaching is a series of steps to help us get up the ladder of life to a better place. Sometimes it helps you to get “unstuck” from where you have been, sometimes it just supports you to get through a hard time, and sometimes it can help you to fly like a bird! I am ready to fly like a bird now.

Organic Gardener

Julie has helped me see for myself that I was living two different lives, which meant living as two people. I really only have just enough energy to live one life! She’s supported me in merging the two into one that is the life that I choose and which has made me far happier! Julie has a gentle and patient way about her, a sense of humour and asks questions that have uncovered my blindspots and taught me to think more clearly.


My first experience with a Life Coach has been life changing. I am more focused and less anxious. I found the Clean Sweep a great way to start the process of thinking differently. Julie was able to facilitate the sessions so I could identify the areas that I wanted to work on. The process of coaching allowed me to set short, medium and long-term goals that were / are realistic and achievable. In retrospect it is wonderful to look at the goals, ideas and homework from each session and see the progress from then to now. I can see the possibility of engaging a Life Coach again in the future when the input from an independent person can help clarify one’s direction in the journey of life. Thank you Julie.

Kate D
Social Worker

To anyone thinking of working with Julie, I started working with Julie as my life coach in January 2006. At that time I was pretty much living month to month, with little or no direction. As an artist my work was never consistent and there was always fear of the unknown. Julie helped to take away the fear of uncertainty by making me answer questions that I would avoid asking myself. By checking in with her on a weekly basis I started to see the power of my own intentions and how to demystify negative right-brained thought patterns.Quite quickly my situation began to change, I found myself making decisions that empowered my true self. With Julie’s guidance I began to make the shift into living life fully, free from destructive actions and taking responsibility for my choices. Julie has been my touchstone. Six months on I feel my life is going places I didn’t think possible.

Jaason S