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Ever been stuck and unable to move your project forward? Or faced with a blank page/screen/canvas and no idea of how to bring your ideas to life? I provide coaching services designed to support and enhance your creativity.  I offer special services for artists and creative practitioners to help you move to the next stage – whatever that may be.  Take a look around.

Creative Coaching

Creativity means two things to us – passion and imagination. It is the place where passion brings imagination to life to inspire and transport us to different places, different realities and different relationships with the world around us. Creativity is a part of what it means to be human and engage with the world. 

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More Lemon

More Lemon?

Going through a period of change – a major life transition, a career transition – or just want to put more sparkle and zest into your life? Our book – MORE LEMON: How to transition to a life with more ZEST – is designed to assist you to change and ensure you come out the other end ready to live your vision.

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 What Others Say

“Julie was a great help to me in establishing priorities in my life, and in helping me feel ‘accountable’ for meeting the goals I’d set for myself. But she also insisted that I be finding ways to enjoy myself–not an easy thing for a work-driven person–and take pleasure in the life I had created for myself in the arts.”

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Below are some of Julie’s ideas and musings on the creative process, change, writing and wellbeing.  Have a browse and get in touch if you would like some creative coaching. 

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Shining bright!

When I think of constellations, I always thinks of the children’s nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.’ It was… Read more

Self care at year end

The final month of 2021 has arrived and the rush to year’s end is gathering pace. It is a time of heightened demands on our… Read more

Changing Times & Staying Safe

There are a number of words that sum up the human experience over 2020 and 2021.  The one that stands out for me, particularly at… Read more

What I learned in lockdown

One film I occasionally watch when it pops up on television or a streaming service is Ground Hog Day. In the film, Bill Murray (Phil Connors in… Read more

Entitlement & paying attention

One of the things I have been thinking about post-2020, and our first year of living with the Covid virus, is entitlement. The last year… Read more

Drawing the line

Many of us are now working at home or splitting our time between home and the ‘old’ office due to COVID restrictions. Those without the… Read more