How to Choose a Coach

Coaching involves working closely in a partnership based on trust, respect, support and encouragement. It involves you communicating your vision and dreams with your coach, and sharing what is important so that you can move freely towards your goals and potential. It is important that you have the right coach to work with.

Here is a process to help you find a coach who is right for you.

  • Be clear about what you want and why you feel coaching, and not a consultant or counseling, is right for you
  • Find at least three coaches to talk to about coaching. You can do this by asking for recommendations, looking at listings or visiting websites (See my blog roll for some recommendations)
  • Interview the coaches and ask them some questions. I have included some for you here.
  • Evaluate your interviews and consider your impressions of each coach. How did they make you feel? Were you feel relaxed? Did you feel understood? Was it easy to talk to the coach? Were you listened to? Did you have fun and enjoy your talk? Do you think you could work together and achieve your goals?
  • Think about your evaluation scores for a couple of days Make a decision on which coach felt right for you and what you want to achieve at this point in time. (Remember as you achieve your goals your needs will change)
  • Call the coach and start coaching.

Good luck finding the coach who is right for you.

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